Success Stories

Jill Coon References

Kim Baker

I have found Jill Coon to be an extraordinary asset to my business. She is resourceful and full of energy! She has increased my overall sales and revenue by exposing my concession business to the various networking sites. I would highly recommend her to any business interested in increasing their sales. She is very pleasant and easy to get along with!

Graciela Perez, GPWellness

Jill Coon has my business organized. By utilizing her virtual assisting services, she has made my psychotherapy practice more profitable. I am able to spend more time with my patients and not stress over billing issues. Her company verifies insurances for my patients, gets authorization numbers for patients who need them, and files all my insurance claims electronically. Everything I need is done in a timely fashion. I highly recommend the friendly and professional services of Jill Coon.

Sergio Rauchwerger DMD, Smile Designs

Jill Coon is my dental practice management consultant. She runs my entire practice, handles my bookkeeping, verifies insurances for patients, handles insurance submissions with all necessary attachments, handles recalls and the list goes on. More importantly, she is now handling my social media and search engine optimization. Her services have increased my online presence and my bottom line.

Edrian Thomidis References

Tracy Mastandrea, TMIHealth, Inc

I can't say enough about the excellent work that Edrian Thomidis did for TMIhealth's logo and business card design. Edrian's technical know-how, expertise, and dedication proved invaluable in the creation of TMIhealth's website. Edrian interpreted my vision into an informative, easy to use, and visually appealing website. I certainly recommend and continue to use Edrian for all our graphic and web design needs.

Lee Doliber, Doliber Skeffington

Doliber Skeffington has been associated with Edrian Thomidis for over 15 years. As a design studio we have established high standards for our creative partners. Edrian Thomidis has never failed to meet or exceed these standards. Her work ethic, understanding of project parameters and sensitivity to budget constraints never disappoints.

Phil DiComo, Attorney at Haile, Shaw & Pfaffenberger, PA

Edrian was a pleasure to work with in designing a new logo for our firm. She really listened to our needs and worked with us to provide a great result.

Ratzil Rodriguez References

Martin Borges, The Power Exterminator

Resolved mayor virus problem at our West Palm Beach location in not time, thanks!

Lori Whiting, PRV Electronics, Inc.

Understood perfectly our needs and performed a changed to our existing inventory software on schedule.

Roberto Marquez, Perfect Cut - Lawn Care

Ratzil Rodriguez installed our office computers and software on time and under budge.

Daniel Downey, Downey Glass Ind.

Our company network performance and security is a lot better after Ratzil Rodriguez took control.

Livvie Matthews References

Livvie Matthews, Social Media Consultant and Mentor - Owner www.SimpleSocialMedia.TV

Testifying to the power of Social Media: Three days after going live with a clients Facebook page, a new patient, (who found him using the Facebook Search) came in for a New Patient Exam and accepted a $3000 treatment plan! Does this happen all the time…no, but it certainly is proof that it can and does happen!

Dr Dhru Shah, Owner -

Livvie Matthews found dentinaltubules on twitter. This was how we connected. As someone with knowledge, expertise and a passion for social media, this was the best way to connect!

Livvie has since written many articles for us at Her professionalism, attention to details and knowledge about social media have made it an absolute honor for us to have her on board as a regular contributor. We also had a teleseminar and once again, her preparation, her attention to detail and her planning were immaculate.

Joe Spencer, Managing Member - OnlyTheBestPractices

Livvie is friendly and savvy in social media and dentistry... that's a combination worth crowing about. I have had the good fortune of interacting with Livvie online and offline. Every time has been a joy. She has a great enthusiasm for dentistry and social media. Her knowledge and experience make her an asset to dentistry.

Brad Forrest, DMD - Forrest and Forrest Family Dentistry

I am pleased to recommend Livvie as a copywriter (she detailed and helped to write our website) and as a 'certified' social media specialist (she has set our business apart from others with our 'linkedin' page and she keeps our patients up to date with 'tweets' from our office).

While being very personable, Livvie complements her personality with extraordinary detail and impeccable efficiency!!!

JoAnne Tanner, MBA - Owner JoAnne Tanner and Associates

I’ve known Livvie and utilized her services in a variety of capacities since 2002. She has the ability to take your business information or promotional need and create a targeted, coherent, easy to understand product. Livvie is a problem solver, innovative thinker, and has a gift for writing and social media. I highly recommend her services.