Search Engine Optimization

We are sure by now you have received hundreds of emails and soliciting phone calls regarding Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Search Engine Optimization is paramount in online marketing. If you have a website, but aren’t ranking in the major search engines, your website might as well not exist. What is organic SEO? It is the process of making sure your website appears near the tops of search engines without costs/pay per click. We make "friends" to bring your business near the tops of search engines by having:
  1. links from another site pointing to your site.
  2. a reference to your business name or website via social media.
  3. an article submitted to the hundreds of article marketing services online.
  4. a video submitted to all the online video sites.
  5. a press release with news about your business submitted online.
So why should you bother with organic SEO when you can get instant traffic with paid search ads?
While pay per click can get traffic directed to your website quickly, there are some inherent problems in "pay per click". The problems are listed below.
  1. At any time other competing advertisers can easily outbid you for the same keywords.
  2. You have to constantly monitor your ads, do split testing and refine the keywords to improve click through rate (CTR) with paid search traffics.
  3. You pay for every click, regardless of whether or not the site visitor takes any action on your site, like filling out an info request or placing a phone call.
Organic search, done correctly, is like a full time salesperson working 24 hours a day, pushing traffic and potential customers to your website.
Every day our team members stay one step ahead of the cutting edge SEO strategies.